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Good Luck Daruma!

is a little Game that I made for my Portfolio in the 4th Semester at the School4Games.

Now what is a Daruma?

When you have a target, for example an important exam you have to pass, set your Daruma puppet on a place were you could met him everyday. With your target in mind draw one of his eyes. When you reach your target successfully you'll thanked the Daruma, draw his other eye and write your target on his back.

Now this tradition inspired me to this game were you have to make clear that the Daruma is reaching his target or your target to clear the game.

It's a work in progress thing but two of the planned levels are already playable.

The Project is done! Good Luck Daruma! is now live for everyone.

Install instructions

You also can play it with a Playstation 4 Controller.


Good Luck Daruma!.rar 100 MB

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